Photo Guidelines

If you're like us, you have hundreds of photos of your pup on your phone. From the sleeper pup, to the hyper pup with the zoomies, to everything in between - we get it!

However, in order for that picture to translate really well into wall art, it should follow these guidelines.

  1. High resolution: Make sure it's well-focused and not blurry. Smartphone cameras will do just fine as long as they are focused.
  2. Sitting pose: A lot of positions look extremely cute with a background, but once that background is removed, the position tends to look a bit unnatural. For the best results, we recommend a sitting pose where the position is taken from in front and not up top.
  3. Minimize background: As much as we love our customers, we recommend that your pup be the star of the photo. 
  4. Lighting: No need for professional lighting, just make sure the photo isn't taken in a very dark room.
  5. Cuteness: Make sure your pup looks adorable.

And don't worry, after you submit your photo, we'll email you if we run into any problems :)